Since the beginning of 2019, we have been working with the company KOHLS Maschinenbau GmbH in a cooperation that is planned and designed for the long term. We have been working together in a spirit of trust since 2011, and we are now deepening this relationship by having KOHLS continue to support the customer until completion and take over the design work.

As the contractor, we will ensure that your order runs smoothly. This is possible on the one hand due to our ideal size with approx. 50 employees and a constantly modern machine park, and on the other hand due to our many years of experience in the production of machine parts and the construction of assemblies with committed and well-trained employees.

Our stack and pallet turner was developed to be able to turn the sensitive sheet metal packages for transformer iron cores by 180°. The usual dimensions are up to 6 meters in length and a maximum of 1 meter in width. The maximum weight of a stack can be up to 6 tonnes. However, it is also possible to turn up to 10 tonnes and the dimensions of the stacks to be turned can also be up to 2 meters wide.

The machine is designed for maximum safety. The parcel is clamped centrally to the axis of rotation by self-locking threaded spindles, so that it cannot slip even over a longer period of time. When the inserted bundle is lifted, the weight of the stack is determined and the necessary pressing force for safe turning is calculated. This eliminates the possibility of operating errors.

For this purpose, the machine can be equipped with a loading carriage, as shown here. The supports can be designed as required, e.g. to insert and remove the packs with a forklift truck or a crane device. Pallets can also be held by the pallet clamps integrated in the press beam. In this way, the stack can also be placed upside down on a pallet that has been inserted before and is on top after a 180° turn. And it also works the other way round. You can remove a package from a pallet in this way.